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Running, Jumping and Standing Still

(Actually the title of a very funny Dick Lester film)

We are told that activity is good for you; these pages record some of my efforts to keep modestly fit while getting out and about.

The Bicycle Pages

The Walking Page

Things to Do

Fancy a bit of maintenance?

Or perhaps a ride?

Want to get out and about on foot?

Get your hands dirty?

  • Recipes for:
    • Laundry Liquid - Environmentally friendly, nothing poisonous in this.
    • White Oil - get rid of common garden pests.
    • Bicycle Waterproof Toolkit - an easy to make but handy container for keeping tools (and other things) dry on your bike.
    • Vehicle fuel consumption calculator. (Excel File)
    • Homemade 'Creosote'.
    • Make Your LG DVD Player Region Free.


  • Pensioner? Superannuant? Why not join CPSA Dapto Seniors


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