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This page has a selection of pictures and documents relating to my school days in the late 1950's and early 1960's.

Those who remember the Queen's visit to Folkestone in 1958 may find the 1977 reproduction of the local paper mildly interesting (frankly I can't remember it all and I was there).

Anyway, when I was clearing out some old papers and photos I found some old newspaper cuttings and programs.

Harvey Grammar School

This selection will only be of interest to those people who attended the Harvey Grammar School (Folkestone, Kent, England) in the late 1950's and early 1960's and then only those who were in the 5th and 6th Forms in 1963 (Jeez, than cuts it down a bit!).

Below are the School Speech Day program for 1963 as well as a cutting from the Folkestone Hythe and District Herald. The latter has more names as the Speech Day program only lists those obtaining three 'O' Levels and above. By clicking on the images below the individual pages can be brought up in full glowing black and white. If you were there some names may ring the odd bell or indeed a 'welkin'.

Folkestone Herald
24th August 1963

Folkestone Hythe and District Herald 24th Aug 1963

Program Cover

Speech Day 1963 Cover

GCE 'A' Levels

Speech Day 1963 Page 1

GCE 'O' Levels

Speech Day 1963 Page 2


Speech Day 1963 Back Page


Queen's Visit to Folkestone 1958

Copy of the front page of the South Coast Gazette 1977 referring to the Queens visit in 1958.

South Coast Gazette 1977

About the Queen's visit in 1958


Borough Green Primary School

My school report 1955

School Report 1955

schoolreport1955.jpg (119981 bytes)

St Mary's School Country Dance

Woodward Hall, The Bayle, Folkestone (1957?)

I have no idea who anybody in this picture is (except me of course).

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