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1940's and 1950's

My first birthday present (9078 bytes)

1948: Me with my first birthday present! Apparently I hated it, my parents saved hard to buy this horse but apart from this photo I refused to get on it. If you bounced on it the thing 'walked' forward.

Advice for new parents: For your child's first birthday buy yourself something you really want and give your child the box, you'll all be much happier.

Christmas about five or six years later, same street (Ewlyn Rd, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire).

From the left: me, cousin John, brother David, cousin Robert. Resplendent in our new cowboy outfits made by our great Aunts.

(I cropped off the slippers which rather spoilt the image of a bunch of tough hombres - it was bloody cold, we were dragged away from a blazing fire for the photo)

Cheltenham Cowboys (22804 bytes)

The Lloyd line(10299 bytes)

1954 - Three generations of Lloyds.

Me, my father Cyril Lloyd 1919 - 1988, Grandfather Robert Lloyd (Bert) 1889 - 1965, brother David.

Taken in Pitville Park, Cheltenham.

1956: Butlin's Holiday Camp, Pwellheli, North Wales (I'm the one in the middle, front). Every year we went, what a great holiday for a pre teen! Loved it, even the sun always shone.

My father took us to a different one each year - god knows why, they were all the same.

(Note the wax crayon writing  - I think this photo was nicked off the photographer's sample board at the end of the week's holiday)

Butlins Holiday Camp, Pwellheli (20544 bytes)

Snowman?  (19974 bytes) Winter 1956: Why I live in Australia. David (front) and myself in our back garden at Alder Rd, Folkestone, Kent.

A rare example of possibly the worse snowman ever constructed  - the shovel (bottom right) makes it look suspiciously like it was hurriedly put together just for the photo, that is NOT how you make a snowman.

Also visible: the absurd caps British schoolboys used to wear. The uniform is Christ Church Primary School for connoisseurs of such things.

How to look a complete drongo! Taken some time about my first term at the Harvey Grammar School, Folkestone in 1958. For some reason I am not wearing the school tie and I have the horrible suspicion that I am not even at school - this may have been taken during the holidays. My brother wisely tries to look inconspicuous, my mother stands behind.

Me - 1958

The 60's and 70's

1965 Home Counties Regional Training Centre, Bletchley Park. Post Office Telephones apprentice training course. I am in the middle row fourth from the right, I seem to remember having a very good time during that course.

Course R2/3 - 17/5/65 to 9/7/65

potowerme.jpg (41914 bytes)

Me at work, taken in about 1971 at the PO Tower in London and published in:

poseventies.jpg (8800 bytes)

Fleeting fame? My thanks to John at Light-Straw for copying the image for me. (Click on photograph for more)

Taken in 1974 near where I was living on Brixton Hill, London SW2.

Brixton Hill 1974

My brother and I

1974 (or 5) My brother David (right) and I at our parent's house with our respective dogs. Sam, my Red Setter came from Battersea Dogs home but what a great dog she was, clever, obedient and protective.

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