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Rides around the Illawarra.

Same Roads, Same Rights, Same Rules

These rides are suitable for most reasonably fit people (or those trying to get fit) and have few hills, hopefully they will provide you with interesting changes of scene. I have tried to make use of cycleways where they are available. Many of the rides join with other rides and where this happens appropriate links are provided.

The RTA has published an Illawarra cycleways map, frankly it is only fair but may help you plan local trips - obtain a copy from your local RTA office. There is also a map available on line at the RTA site


    Ride 1 - Ride around Lake Illawarra

    Circle the Lake, plenty of picnic spots, lovely views, a great ride - about 36 Km

    Ride 2 - Use the cycleways north to Bulli

    Follow the coast north from Wollongong harbour, beaches, surf, the lot - 60 km

    Ride 3 - Explore West Dapto.

    Rolling countryside close to town - 12 to 27 km

    Ride 4 - Marshall Mount.

    More rolling countryside to Albion Park - 24 to 32 km

    Ride 5 - Port Kembla.

    Sun, sea, sand, oh! and industry; what more can you want?

    Ride 6 - Dapto Hills.

    If skiing has nursery slopes then here are a couple of nursery hills. Good practice for the Sydney to Gong. Some good views, even a picnic or BBQ - 15 km.

    Ride 7 - Climb Mt Keira.

    A testing climb with spectacular views. Well worth the effort. Carry on to Cordeaux Dam and make a picnic of it.

    Ride Map

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    If you have any rides you enjoy please write to me (see Home Page) or tell me of any improvements to the rides written up.

    My thanks to John Todd for his help in the preparation of some of these rides.

Copyright © Bruce Lloyd 2005

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